Ever since I was a kid and could afford to buy my own sneakers i would religiously wash and clean them, especially after watching "Paid in Full" where Mitch (Mekhi Phifer) showed his little brother how to clean his Nike sneakers. I never had much money so i would cut grass, wash cars, sweep floors, clean garages and whatever i could do to get just enough money to get buy a new pair of sneakers. For me, if your shoes are clean you just feel better about the day. It's like putting on a good mood every day! ....

As i got older i started travelling around the world for work I found that my sneakers would always get grimy walking the streets of Hong Kong, London, New York and wherever else so I wanted to find a product that was super easy to use, not messy (for your hotel sinks) and travel friendly. 

I used makeup wipes, home made soaps, hot water towels, toothbrushes and whatever else i could get my hands on to clean my sneakers which just wasn't ideal. You have no idea how many hotel towels i've ruined in my life! Sorry! 

Finally i'd had enough and i thought that i needed a product that couldn't be squashed and easily ruined, something less messy, travel friendly, all in one and i didn't want any nasty chemicals to ruin my shoes or kill the environment so finding something eco-friendly was going to be a mission, right? yeah, you're right... it was. Finally i decided a cream would be ideal, not a liquid but dense enough not to leak or get squashed and ruined. It had to be small enough for short trips or to store or big enough to keep at home as a must have for your Sunday cleaning ritual. 

Application is as easy as rubbing it on like a glue stick! Yup, remember those at school? well this is just as easy. Then running the sponges under water and rubbing over the cream applied area lightly is all that's needed. Drying is simple using the microfibre towel. 

The cleaning cream combined with super high density sponges and a super absorbent microfibre towel I personally feel that it's all you need to keep your sneakers as fresh as new. 


Please email me if you have any feedback or just want to say hey! 
I hope you enjoy the product.